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There's not much more Canadian than Maple Syrup.

There's not much more Canadian than Maple Syrup.

                       There's not much more Canadian than Maple Syrup.

The start of maple syrup season symbolizes the end of a long winter, and the beginning of spring.

The maple syrup season lasts from February to April, which is when maple farmers tap their trees to harvest sap, to produce maple syrup. This is the best time of year because the temperatures are starting to warm up, so the sap can flow freely through the tree trunks, and out of the trees. 

Maple syrup producers in Ontario celebrate the season with sugar shack tours, pancake breakfasts and horse-drawn sleigh rides through the sugar bush.

Every year we Canadians brave the cold to visit sugar bushes, a highlight of the tour, is tasting the maple syrup. One tradition, involves pouring hot maple syrup onto the snow and rolling it up on a stick. The sticky maple taffy is one of our favourite treats to enjoy, as we walk through the trees and appreciate all that nature has to offer.

Here are a few places that have sugar bushes open to the public, though 2021 events and festivals are likely to be affected by Covid-19, so make sure you check in advance before heading out.

  • Fulton’s Sugar Bush – Pakenham
  • Lalonde’s Sugar Bush – Elmvale
  • Proulx Sugarbush – Cumberland
  • Shaw’s Sugar Bush – Orillia
  • Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm – Edwards

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